I also took a full week of paid time off (PTO) to attend the Interop workshops and network with speakers, vendors, and fellow attendees. Because the experience was simply awesome and something I wish to repeat again next year, I thought it’d be worth posting what I’ve learned and why I found so much value in going. It’s a rare treat to find a truly exceptional place to learn and network. Most conferences are entirely too product and sales focused, or float up at such a high level that it feels like you’re just being lectured to without any real meat.

Chris Wahl
President, Wahl Network

Interop is an event that showcases many different technology approaches. Two companies that compete head-to-head on an idea like SDN or cloud computing can have equal time to make their ideas heard. No one needs to worry about having an invitation revoked or being forced to present in a building down the road to avoid angering the main vendor behind the conference. In the grand tradition of interoperability, Interop is the place where vendor ideas are put to the test and can mingle in a way to present the best solution.

Tom Hollingsworth
Architect, The Networking Nerd