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  • Wireless Network Design

    George M. Stefanick Jr.  |  Wireless Network Architect, Houston Methodist Hospital
    Location:  Lagoon D
    Session Type: Conference Session
    Track: Wireless & Mobility
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    Vault Recording: TBD

    The connection between the Wi-Fi client and the Wi-Fi access point is only a small part of the
    overall network communication, but in terms of Wi-Fi reliability, it is the most important. Reliable
    wireless networks start with a simple and fundamental approach. Understanding and applying
    the wireless network design fundamentals strengthens your foundation for a reliable wireless
    network. Channel reuse is one of many fundamental topics that will be addressed in this
    session. Regardless of your deployment type, reuse of channels and co-channel interference is
    often overlooked or discounted either through lack of understanding or total disregard.

    Did you know co-channel interference (CCI) is the leading cause of contention on to today's Wi-
    Fi networks? While the industry term co-channel interference would lead many to believe this as
    interference from a non Wi-Fi device, like a microwave oven or jammer, it is actually contention
    among same channel Wi-Fi radios. This contention can be mitigated by understanding the
    wireless network design fundamentals. Today Wi-Fi users are on the go, consuming Wi-Fi on
    tablets and smart devices more than ever before and this trend has no foreseeable end in sight.
    Applications like voice, video and missions critical apps are on the go too. Users are demanding
    the same on the go reliability and experience of cellular communication. Roaming on a Wi-Fi
    network reliably, leads us to our next fundamental topic.

    Roaming on a Wi-Fi network is more than insuring that you have proper cell overlap, again
    another import design fundamental also covered in this session, but it also involves the type of
    Wi-Fi security the wireless network will be secured with. If your wireless network is deployed
    with 802.1X security and your client or wireless network doesn't support or is not configured for
    advanced roaming protocols, then applications like voice and video on the go could suffer from
    poor or inconsistent roams, resulting in loss of frames, and poor user experience. In this session
    George Stefanick will cover the different roaming protocols and the impact they have on today's
    Wi-Fi applications.


    • Channel reuse
    • Co-channel interference (CCI)
    • Cell overlap
    • Mitigating neighboring access points
    • 2.4 Ghz and 5 GHz SSIDs
    • Advanced roaming protocols for 802.1X wireless networks

    In this session, Houston Methodist Hospital wireless architect George Stefanick will explain the
    fundamentals of designing a reliable wireless network.

    "The connection between the Wi-Fi client and the Wi-Fi access point is only a small part of the
    overall network communication, but in terms of Wi-Fi reliability it is the most important."