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  • Software-Defined Architecture Summit

    Daniel Conde  |  Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
    Jack Poller  |  Lab Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
    Kevin Fishner  |  Head of Business Operations, HashiCorp
    Jason Nash  |  Consulting Architect, AHEAD
    John Arrasjid  |  Senior Consultant Technologist, Office of the CTO, EMC
    Warren Wu  |  Sr Director, Products, Data Center, Fortinet
    Chris Wahl  |  President and Founder, Wahl Network
    Rupen Sheth  |  EVP, Iono Inc.
    Scott Lowe  |  Engineering Architect, VMware, Inc.
    Location:  Breakers I
    Session Type: Summit
    Track: Virtualization & Data Architecture
    Pass type: 2-Day Pass, 5-Day Pass - Get your pass now!
    Vault Recording: TBD

    The trend toward software-defined architecture promises to revolutionize enterprise IT by reducing hardware costs and automating control of the underlying infrastructure. Software definition aims to enable policy-driven management of resources, allowing applications run across commodity hardware according to the demands of particular workloads. While software-defined architecture offers an attractive vision for the future of IT efficiency, transitioning to this technology will be a difficult transition for many organizations that will require significant changes in how IT operates.

    The Software-Defined Architecture Summit will explore:

    • The elements and definitions of software-defined technology, including networking, storage, and data centers
    • How software-defined architecture affects IT operations, staffing and planning
    • How software-defined architecture differs from cloud computing
    • The security ramifications of software-defined architecture
    • How to manage the migration form hardware-based to software-based technology
    • How software-definition dovetails with converged infrastructure and virtualization
    • Transitioning to managing workloads rather than hardware
    • How application design and deployment changes in a software-defined architecture

    Sessions at the Software-Defined Architecture Summit
    8:30 AM - 9:30 AM | Software Defined: Transforming IT from Communism to Capitalism (Jack Poller, Enterprise Strategy Group)
    The next big thing in IT is software-defined -- software-defined storage (SDS), software-defined networking (SDN), software-defined infrastructure (SDI), software-defined data center (SDDC), software-defined Internet exchange (SDX), and even software-defined flash (say what?). Are we facing another form of "marketecture" or "cloud-washing?" Alternatively, does software-defined IT represent a true disruptive revolution? In this session, we'll discuss how software-defined is transforming IT, and why you should care.

    9:30 AM - 10:30 AM | Security Evolution for the Software-Defined World (Warren Wu, Fortinet)
    Data centers are undergoing a profound transformation with the adoption of modern technologies. These increasingly agile environments can accelerate business initiatives and deliver applications more responsively to end-users, but also create a more abstract and logical network that creates challenges for network visibility and control, especially for traditional security appliances.

    This session explores how security can evolve across all layers of the network architecture, from the data plane to the control plane to the management plane. In essence, security must itself be viewed as another layer of the data center infrastructure as fundamental as compute, storage, or networking, that must itself become agile and elastic, i.e. ""software-defined,"" as well as integrate tightly with other platform layers in a converged infrastructure model.

    10:45 AM - 11:30 AM | Software-Defined Architectures & Virtualization: Ask Me Anything (Scott Lowe, VMware)
    A software defined data center depends on programmable components, and many items need to be in consideration such as virtualization, networking, containers, micro-services and DevOps processes. In this Ask Me Anything session, VMware architect and IT blogger Scott Lowe will field questions from summit leader Dan Conde and attendees to explore the benefits and challenges.

    11:30 AM - 12:15 PM | Practical Experiences Delivering Software Defined Data Centers (Mahesh Rajani and Rupen Sheth, Iono, Inc.)
    The software-defined data center offers tremendous benefits but puts a lot of pressure on IT departments. Most companies want to deliver applications and IT services to their customers quicker and more efficiently. Competitive pressures and the accelerating pace of business no longer allow for time-consuming, siloed, manual processes. Increasingly, IT customers expect the same levels of service in their business lives as in their personal lives. They expect to go online, request a new application or a computer resource, and receive it in a matter of minutes -- not days or weeks. If IT cannot deliver that level of service, businesses will increasingly look for alternatives that can deliver more quickly.

    Software-defined data centers accelerate the deployment and management of infrastructure and application services, thereby improving business agility and operational efficiency.

    1:30 PM - 2:15 PM | The Art of Infrastructure Design and Convergence (John Arrasjid, EMC)
    The fundamentals of infrastructure design and convergence are essential to software-defined IT. This breakout will provide a methodology for infrastructure design, the history of technology leading to convergence, and how today's technology is shaping the future of converged infrastructure and platforms.

    2:15 PM - 3:00 PM | The Evolving IT Admin in the SDDC World (Jason Nash, AHEAD)
    The role of the IT administrator is going through an accelerated time of evolution. As organizations progress from virtualization to automation, self-service, private, hybrid, and public cloud an IT admin must adapt to the demands of these shifting environments. How do you keep your skills relevant with these changes and maintain control of your career? What about your team and the organizational makeup? This session will explore what you need to do to survive and thrive as IT embraces new ways of operation. Learn about the new skills, technical, and even business, you need to acquire to position yourself to get ahead and advance to the next level in your career.

    3:15 PM - 4:00 PM | How to Adopt DevOps and Software-Defined Datacenters (Kevin Fishner, HashiCorp)
    The goal of DevOps is to reduce friction and increase transparency between teams in order to increase developer and operator agility. The first step in this process is to get organizational buy-in. The second step is to adopt technologies that support the people and process of DevOps. Importantly, people and process comes first, technology second.

    4:00 PM - 4:45 PM | SDA: Hype vs Reality (Chris Wahl, Wahl Network)