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  • Hey IT Managers: You Don't Have to Hate Agile!

    Flint Brenton  |  CEO, CollabNet
    Location:  Lagoon B
    Session Type: Conference Session
    Track: IT Leadership
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    Vault Recording: TBD

    A growing number of IT managers are struggling with Agile software methodologies due to "management" and "Agile" being defined as two different worlds. The world of "management" is referenced as "the vertical world of hierarchical bureaucracy." Management is seen as the boss at the top of the totem pole, with developers at the bottom. This world is governed by roles, rules, plans and reports.

    On the other hand, the world of "Agile" is often referenced as "the horizontal world of Agile," and described as one operating horizontally with a focus on the customer instead of a vertical dynamic where people report upward to bosses. Therefore, the tension between the two worlds, and the perception that managers hate Agile, causes great disruption and creates confusion.

    This session provides a series of steps IT managers can take to better understand the mindset and challenges of the developer world, and how Agile methodologies can be managed to benefit both the developer and IT manager. The session will outline collaboration, communication and steps IT managers can take to gain visibility and context into Agile initiatives at both the project and program level.

    Through better understand and visibility, IT managers can move from reactive to proactive in managing the "looseness" and wild ambition that comes with highly iterative software delivery approaches. Agile development is only becoming more entrenched in IT organizations, and the sooner IT managers embrace these methodologies the happier and more productive all stakeholders will be.