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  • Dark Reading Cyber Security Summit - Day 2

    Tim Wilson  |  Editor in Chief, Dark Reading
    Peter Gregory  |  Executive Director, Executive Advisory, Office of the CISO, Optiv
    John Pironti  |  President, IP Architects
    Chris Scott  |  Director of Remediation, CrowdStrike
    David Bradford  |  Chief Strategy Officer and Director of Strategic Partnership Development, Advisen
    Gunter Ollmann  |  CSO, Vectra Networks
    Bhaskar Karambelkar  |  Data Science Lead, ThreatConnect
    Andy Jordan  |  Security Associate, Bishop Fox
    Stuart McClure  |  CEO, Cylance
    Chris Novak  |  Director, Global Investigative Response, Verizon
    Location:  Lagoon K
    Session Type: Summit
    Track: Security
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    Vault Recording: TBD

    Everything you need to know about today's IT security challenges but were afraid to ask

    Anthem. OPM. LastPass. The list goes on - every day, your IT organization is abuzz with news of new hacks, breaches, and vulnerabilities that are coming to light in the media. And every day, your top executives worry that your organization might be next. It's up to you, the IT professional, to participate in these discussions and answer key questions about today's threats.

    But do you really know everything you should about the current cyber security environment? Can you intelligently discuss the latest breaches, vulnerabilities, and emerging threats? Do you know about the most critical dangers in specific areas of IT, such as cloud environments and mobile systems? Most importantly, do you know what to do when your organization is compromised?

    In this two-day Interop event, the Dark Reading team and a group of top cyber security experts will offer a crash course in what you need to know about data security and the dangers faced by your organization. You'll get "speed reads" on each key area of security that address the essential elements your organization should know about cyber defense, as well as an overview of the latest exploits. You'll get insight on how to detect a compromise of your IT environment, and recommendations on how to respond. Best of all, you'll have an opportunity to ask the experts the key questions you must answer in your environment - in a supportive, collegial setting where there are no dumb questions.

    What You'll Learn

    • What are the chief cyber threats that your organization should focus on?
    • How can you measure your security posture and the risk you currently face?
    • How can you minimize the security impact of mobile devices in the enterprise?
    • Are cloud services safe?
    • What are the best ways to prevent insiders from leaking critical information?
    • What should you do if you suspect a major compromise of your data?
    • Who are the cyber bad guys and why do they want to attack your organization?
    • And much more!

    Who Should Attend

    • IT professionals who want to know more about security
    • CIOs / CTOs
    • Security professionals who want a fast, comprehensive update on the latest threats
    • IT and operations professionals who must answer questions about security posture
    • Business and IT people who want to contribute to the security conversation

    Agenda Day 2: You've Been Breached!
    7:30-8:30am | Networking Breakfast

    8:30-9:15am | Day 2 Opening Address: The Impact of a Data Breach (Chris Novak, Verizon)
    To understand the cyber risk your organization faces, you need to understand the likelihood of a breach - and its potential cost. In this session, a top expert discusses the many- and sometimes hidden - costs of a data breach, including its impact on customers and end users. You'll also get insight on the frequency of data breaches, and a better understanding of how likely it is to happen to you.

    9:15-9:30am | Lightning Talk 3 (Stuart McClure, Cylance)

    9:30-10:15am | Who Are the Bad Guys? Cyber Criminals and Their Motivations (Chris Scott, Crowdstrike)
    Another key element in assessing risk is assessing your attractiveness as a target. Today's cyber attackers range from financially-motivated criminals to politically-motivated hacktivists to state-sponsored information-gathering hacker units. This session offers a look at the different types of cyber attackers, their methods, and their motivations.

    10:15-10:30am | Coffee Break

    10:30-11:15am | Developing and Testing an Effective Incident Response Program (Andy Jordan, Bishop Fox)
    If your organization doesn't have a plan for handling a major data breach, you're already in trouble. In order to swiftly and effectively respond to a cyber compromise, you must develop a program for first response in the data center, and downstream response in the business units and in the public eye. This session offers some guidance on how to build an incident response plan, and how to test and practice that plan so that you're ready for the real thing.

    11:15am-12:00pm | Detecting and Mitigating Targeted and Sophisticated Attacks (Gunter Ollmann, Vectra Networks)
    In the past, most cyber attack campaigns were primarily random, and they simply exploited the most vulnerable systems they could find. Today, however, there is an increasing number of sophisticated attacks that target specific companies, data, or even employees. These attacks are often extremely well-disguised and may escape the security tools that most enterprises use to screen out more random attacks. What tools and defenses are there to prevent targeted attacks on your organization? In this session, you will hear about the latest types of targeted attacks and what your enterprise can do to stop them.

    12:00-1:15pm | Networking Lunch

    1:15-2:00pm | Collecting and Using Threat Intelligence Data (Bhaskar Karambelkar, ThreatConnect)
    The good news in IT security is that there is a growing list of resources and services that can inform you on the latest threats in cyber space and the criticality of each. The bad news is that with so many sources and so much data, using threat intelligence to improve your cyber defenses can be a bewildering process. In this session, you'll get a look at some of the different types of threat intelligence data, and you'll get advice on how to choose the right ones - and integrate the information to improve your defenses.

    2:00-2:15pm | Coffee Break

    2:15-3:00pm | Finding and Fixing Security Issues In Your Electronic Supply Chain (Peter Gregory, Optiv)
    As organizations such as Target have discovered, cyber attackers sometimes attack indirectly, through suppliers, contractors, and customers that have access to your systems. But how can you ensure that third parties are keeping their own systems secure - and are not providing an avenue of compromise for your data? How should you work with your partners in the event of a security incident? In this session, our speaker discusses the methods you can use to vet your suppliers' security - and how to work with your partners if a compromise is found.

    3:00-3:15pm | Lightning Talk 4

    3:15-4:00pm | Understanding, Measuring, and Predicting Cyber Security Risk (John Pironti, IP Architects)
    For many organizations, making the right business decisions means making the right decisions about risk. But the risk of a cyber breach is one of the hardest variables to measure. In this session, you'll get insight on how to evaluate cyber risk, and how to perform "what if" scenarios to help your business decision makers arrive at the right choices.

    4:00-4:45pm | Cyber Insurance: Does It Really Work? (David Bradford, Advisen)
    One of the ways that today's enterprises are minimizing cyber security risk is by buying cyber insurance, which promises to pay them back for the costs of a major data security breach. But how much does cyber insurance cost? And what does it pay in the event of a major compromise? In this session, an expert on cyber insurance will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of cyber insurance policies - and the hidden costs that it may not cover.