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  • Container Summit

    Adam Eivy  |  Developer Solutions Architect, Disney
    Alex Williams  |  Founder and Editor in Chief, The New Stack
    Zach Dunn  |  Director of DevOps, Optoro
    Joe Carvalho  |  Software Defined Architect, Intel
    Tobi Knaup  |  CTO and Co-founder, Mesosphere
    Paulo Pereira  |  Chief Data Architect,, GE
    Jamie Dobson  |  CEO, Container Solutions
    Tianon Gravi  |  SVP, Operations, InfoSiftr
    Jim Ford  |  Chief Strategic Architect, ADP
    Jon Wilmoth  |  Applied Architect, Nordstrom
    Casey Bisson  |  Director of Product Management, Joyent
    Jason Mendenhall  |  EVP, Cloud, Switch
    Ken Owens  |  CTO, Cloud Services, Cisco
    Victor Gajendran  |  VP, Technical Operations, Ticketmaster
    Jane Arc  |  Software Engineer, Uber
    Bryan Cantrill  |  CTO, Joyent
    Cliff Pearson  |  UNIX Systems Engineering Lead, UC Santa Cruz
    Location:  Lagoon J
    Session Type: Summit
    Track: Storage
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    Containers have sky-rocketed into popularity, driving dramatic changes in developer workflow, operational efficiencies, and application architectures. Join us to learn why containers are ready for the enterprise and why technical leadership can expect a future in which containers are a part of new standards that allow organizational agility.

    This one-day summit will have speakers from innovative companies that are already leveraging containers, discussing how they are addressing security, networking, orchestration, and beyond.

    8:30 - 8:45am | Introduction (Bryan Cantrill, Joyent)

    8:45-9:15am | Containers and Microservices: Innovation at Scale (Victor Gajendran, Ticketmaster)
    Containers offer rapid application deployment, better hardware utilization, and amazing portability across machines and even clouds. Microservices offer product resilience, high scalability, and deployment ease. These are well-known facts. Now, how do you use these two awesome technologies to enable innovation at scale? I will walk you through an actual application of containers and microservices that enabled innovation and expedited product delivery at scale.
    Hiccups along the way actually accelerated learning and the adaptation of these technologies to better suit our environment. This talk will cover the problems faced while attempting to manage tens of thousands of containers running hundreds of microservices in the cloud, and how to solve these problems to accelerate learning and innovation by reducing cycle time and increasing throughput.

    9:15-10:00am | The CNCF Cluster (Ken Owens, Cisco; Jason Mendenhall, Switch; Bryan Cantrill, Joyent; Joe Carvalho, Intel; Tobi Knaup, Mesosphere)

    10:00-10:30am | The Power of Containers On-Prem (Zach Dunn, Optoro; Cliff Pearson, UC Santa Cruz)

    10:30-10:45am | Coffee Break

    10:45-11:10am | Sci-Fi DevOps, and How You Can Too (Casey Bisson, Joyent)
    Applications in the movies deploy and scale with the touch of a button, with no concern for cloud infrastructure or even CPU architecture. Is that really science fiction, or have we been doing it wrong all along? What can we learn from sci-fi moviesand the sources that inspired themabout building applications today? Is it possible to build apps that deploy, scale, and self-heal on any infrastructure?

    Casey Bisson, Joyent's Director of Product, will demonstrate how application centric orchestrationthe preferred pattern for applications in science fictioncan work in the real world, and how it's older and more tested than we might think.

    11:10-11:35am | Managing Microservices at Scale (Jane Arc, Uber)

    11:35am-12:00pm | Docker Developer Experience (Adam Eivy, Disney)
    What is the Docker Developer Experience like at Disney? What challenges arise in developer onboarding and how can we address these challenges today? Adam explains the basics of Developer Experience and why Disney is making the move toward containers with high hopes for the future.

    12:00-1:30pm | Lunch Break

    1:30-2:00pm | Fashionably Containerized (Jon Wilmoth, Nordstrom)

    2:00-2:30pm | Innovate or Die: Containers to the Rescue (Jim Ford, ADP)
    Join Bryan and Jim as they discuss why the current advances in Container computing are revolutionizing application design and hosting strategies. This entertaining journey through the latest hype cycle will help explain the promise of the container movement and the challenges presented to established players. Adoption of emerging technology in the cloud native era presents many concerns for any company with legacy products and an existing client base. We will discuss the motivations to move faster, how the community helps create "developer velocity" and the challenges of migrating "cloud immigrant" workloads to more modern architectures.

    2:30-3:00pm | Docker Do's and Don'ts (Tianon Gravi, InfoSiftr)
    When preparing an application to run inside a Docker container (so called "Dockerization"), there are a few potential baby dragons waiting to strike on the unsuspecting developer (or the poor ops they hand the application off to). In this talk, we'll explore a few of these snags, and the mitigation strategies that have been the most effective in our experiences working with Dockerizing software.

    3:00-3:15pm | Coffee Break

    3:15-3:45pm | Cloud Native Strategy (Jamie Dobson, Container Solutions)

    3:45-4:15pm | Containers Powering IoT (Paulo Pereira, GE)

    4:15-4:45pm | The Evolving Container Ecosystem (Alex Williams, The New Stack)
    We will explore the new stack of networking and the identity issues and constructs that it is surfacing. We will look at the role of containers in this new stack world and how networking serves as context for the shift in complexities from networks to container orchestration environments.

    4:45-5:00pm | Closing Remarks (Bryan Cantrill, Joyent)