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  • Barbarians at the DNS: How to Safeguard Against Attacks

    Angela Knox  |  Engineering Director, Cloudmark
    Location:  Lagoon K
    Session Type: Conference Session
    Track: Security
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    Vault Recording: TBD

    DNS is a critical component of the Internet and many private networks. However, since standard security measures do not block DNS traffic, cybercriminals are able to infiltrate networks and gain access to proprietary data. In addition to launching attacks, cybercriminals can also exploit an organization's DNS to cause outages.

    Today there are nearly one billion host names managed by the DNS system and nearly a quarter of a billion active websites. Some of the world's most highly trafficked media, Internet search and social networking sites have been disrupted by DNS attacks, with hackers seizing control of their websites by changing information in the DNS database.

    Other global organizations, including global communications service providers, have fallen victims to DNS amplification attacks resulting in customer connectivity issues. Cybercriminals have also launched attacks to trick individuals into visiting malicious websites that attempted to change the DNS settings of their home routers, and their victims who tried to open banking sites found themselves redirected to phishing pages.

    During this session, Cloudmark Engineering Director Angela Knox will examine DNS threats and their potential impact, including DNS ID hacking, DNS spoofing and cache poisoning. Other DNS threats to be discussed include:

    • Botnets: Cybercriminals are able to commandeer a system and hide command and control to launch malicious attacks.
    • Advanced Persistent Threats: Easy to hide and launch, APTs can be used as a launching pad for phishing, malware and other threats.
    • DNS Exfiltration and Tunneling: DNS can be used to tunnel through corporate protection systems, resulting in data and revenue loss.
    • DNS Amplification: Cybercriminals are able to launch distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks leveraging publicly accessible open DNS servers to overwhelm a network, potentially creating outages.

    Knox will also highlight best practices for identifying DNS vulnerabilities and for safeguarding an organization's DNS infrastructure.