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The Robots Are Coming: What Skills We Must Teach Now to Prepare for an Automated Future

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  • The Robots Are Coming: What Skills We Must Teach Now to Prepare for an Automated Future

    • Jonathan Davidson  |  Executive Vice President, General Manager, Juniper Development and Innovation, Juniper Networks
    Location:  TBD
    Format: Conference Session
    Conference Journeys: IT Manager/Director, IT Operations
    Track: Infrastructure
    Pass Type: All Access, Conference, Wednesday Conference - Get your pass now!
    Vault Recording: TBD
    Audience Level: IT Manager/Director

    Automation is one of the most disruptive forces in business with the power to transform the economics for entire industries. However, along with greatly increasing production, in many sectors the onset of automation also comes with concerns over negative externalities like job loss and the need for workers to quickly learn new skills. But the reality is, not all automation is likely to have this chilling effect. In fact, for IT, automation should produce more opportunities if managed correctly.

    How? We know that there is a continued shortfall in the number of skilled workers in STEM fields, which is impacting the ability for many businesses to drive digital transformation. As an increasing number of tedious IT tasks are automated, skilled IT workers who today might spend the bulk of their time maintaining legacy physical hardware systems will soon be freed up to focus on more strategic initiatives for their organizations that increase competitiveness, create efficiencies and ultimately improve the bottom line. Furthermore, this collaboration between machines and humans will allow companies to interact in a more meaningful manner with customers and end users.

    We've already seen this take place in industries like law, where electronic discovery technology is doing the time consuming (and historically costly) job of reviewing documents during litigation. In turn, lawyers and their teams are spending more time providing client counsel, preparing for court and moving their profession forward.

    In this session, the panelists will cover the inevitable changes ahead for the IT workforce, the skills today's generation should begin developing as we brace for an automated future, and what IT professionals should start doing today to ensure near-term career success.

    Key Takeaways:
    1. Attendees will hear from industry experts about what the future of the IT workforce will look like
    2. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of the professional skills they need to work on to prepare for the shift in IT jobs as a result of automation
    3. Attendees will be inspired to re-think what we teach the next generation of IT professionals