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Rise of the Machines: How Machine Learning Can Improve Cyber Security

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  • Rise of the Machines: How Machine Learning Can Improve Cyber Security

    • Sean Valcamp  |  Chief Information Security Officer, Avnet, Inc.
    Location:  TBD
    Format: Conference Session
    Track: Security
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    From security breaches making front-page news to DDoS attacks that massively disrupt the Internet to the popularity of Mr. Robot, the importance of cybersecurity has never been more visible. IT professionals serve on the frontlines every day valiantly trying to keep pace with ever-changing security threats and malicious hackers attempting to thwart their every effort.

    However, IT professionals now have a new weapon in their arsenal – machine learning. As attacks become more sophisticated and targeted toward mainstream communication mechanisms like email, social, and text messaging, IT professionals need a way of deciphering and stopping the initial seeds of attacks. Machine learning holds incredible potential to do just that and much more.

    Machine learning can allow for more behavioral analytics or a cognitive type of security. This means having the ability to detonate specific attachments or links inside a secure container prior to it getting to someone's inbox or their device. Or, having the ability to correlate types of activity happening across a network of thousands of users.

    While security analysts can perform those functions, new platforms can provide a level of advanced behavioral analytics and machine learning to provide more timely —and more complete—guidance. Avnet Chief Information Security Officer Sean Valcamp will explain why it is time to move away from manually tuning cybersecurity processes to letting something tune your environment based on what it sees and how smart it gets over time.

    In this session, Valcamp will share first-hand insights and lessons learned from his experience deploying machine learning to enhance the security of a Fortune 500 company and better protect users. Key takeaways for session attendees include:

    • Why companies should consider incorporating machine learning into their IT security practices
    • How machine learning can be used to prevent security threats today
    • What considerations companies should take into account when deploying machine learning for security and the challenges that they could face
    • Which measures are needed to ensure that machine learning systems gain the right type of "security smarts" and do not become another vulnerability
    • What the future could potential hold for the use of machine learning in IT security