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How to Evolve Ops Skills to a DevOps World

Interop ITX 2017 Schedule Viewer

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  • How to Evolve Ops Skills to a DevOps World

    Location:  TBD
    Format: Conference Session
    Conference Journeys: IT Operations
    Track: DevOps
    Pass Type: All Access, Conference, Thursday Conference - Get your pass now!
    Vault Recording: TBD
    Audience Level: IT Operations

    DevOps has put new challenges on IT operations whether it be managing new cloud offerings, or having to learn new skills to enable success. This often leads managers and individual contributors curious how they will adapt in the new framework. Sadly, there is very little guidance provided to these individuals as they embark on their DevOps journey.

    This session will discuss a variety of strategies operations professionals and their leaders can deploy in order to more quickly and successfully integrate into a DevOps organization. Core strength areas covered will include:
    • Comprehension of complex systems
    • Application of their natural resourcefulness
    • Ability to adapt new tools and methodologies.

    Attendees will also learn about key areas that operations professionals need to focus on improving as they go forward. These key areas are:
    • Increasing operational transparency to entire organization
    • Becoming comfortable with postmortems and adopting a blameless culture
    • Asking the right questions to get requirements from rest of team.
    • Setting realistic expectations and avoiding burnout.

    Attendees should walk away with confidence in how they can apply their current strengths to a DevOps framework as well as specific focus areas for improvement that will have significant effects as their organizations mature.