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How IoT Impacts Your Cloud Security Strategy

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  • How IoT Impacts Your Cloud Security Strategy

    Location:  TBD
    Format: Conference Session
    Conference Journeys: IoT
    Track: Cloud
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    Audience Level: IoT

    The reality today is that security has morphed into an ever-changing threat dynamic taking aim at services, users, applications, and now – much more. We've seen massive data breaches, lost physical devices, and malicious acts carried out by individuals and even nation states. But let's point out one incident which happened very recently; one that really shines a light into what the future security landscape might look like.

    On October 21st 2016, we experienced the single-most impactful DDoS attack ever recorded in history. The attack, regarded as extraordinary, measured roughly 1.2Tbps in strength as it took aim at Dyn DNS services across the entire world. The attack was more than twice as large as any previously recorded DDoS attempt. What made this special? The attack source. IoT devices – about 100,000 of them - generated a massive volume of attack traffic. These were CCTV installations, refrigerators, and other IoT-enabled devices.

    This is our future. Where the attack vector will range from IoT devices, to physical security threats – like drones.
    In this session we'll discuss the major trends around connected devices and how they impact modern business strategies.

    Specifically, we'll cover:
    • Key IoT Trends and Use-Cases
    • What is a "connected" device and what data does it utilize?
    • How to leverage existing data center, cloud and security strategies to enable IoT
    • Real-world best practices around leveraging IoT technologies.
    • Top 5 key factors in designing an IoT Cloud and Business Strategy