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Best Practices from the Best: DevOps Unicorns Netflix, Etsy, and More

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  • Best Practices from the Best: DevOps Unicorns Netflix, Etsy, and More

    • Suzette Johnson  |  Certified Enterprise Agile Coach, NG Fellow, Northrop Gruman
    • Robin Yeman  |  Agile/DevOps Coach, Lockheed Martin
    Location:  TBD
    Format: Conference Session
    Track: DevOps
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    Your organization may not be able to pump out new iterations of applications every 11.7 seconds like Amazon has been able to boast, but there's no doubt that learning to scale up to a faster pace than your organization has been accustomed is critical. What is it about the DevOps "unicorns" – those companies that have injected agility and the DevOps culture into their DNA – that makes them so good at what they do? What about the established "horses" that have become DevOps heroes, like Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman? How can some of their talents, insights, and best practices help your company? In this session, our panel of DevOps experts from both new and established companies explains the challenges to reaching such a level of maturity, how to get buy-in from the business leaders, and how to sustain and grow a hyperactive pace.

    You'll learn:
    • What sets apart the companies that pay lip-service to DevOps from those that embrace it
    • How to apply seemingly supercharged procedures and methods in your own organization to improve your DevOps performance
    • What common mistakes to avoid as you ramp up your Agile and DevOps strategies